I am a freelance writer and author of a middle grade fantasy novel JULES AND THE DJINNI MASTER, represented by The Cooke Agency

I grew up in Seattle (mostly), where as a kid I could usually be found up a tree with a book or on a stage in a costume. I’ve lived in England, Switzerland, Colorado, Maine, Tennessee, North Dakota, and Canada, among other places, and I love the mountains and the sea–especially if I can get both at once. I went to Seattle Pacific University for a degree in English literature and creative writing. I've been a launderess, a barista, a high school English teacher, a college admissions staffer, a boat driver, a live-in nanny, and a line cook, just to name a few of my odd jobs and adventures. I have to say, I've always been a writer and it's still my favorite thing. 

I currently live in a little blue farmhouse called Mapleside in the Seattle area with my boat designer husband Matt, daughter Avonlea (age 6), son Corin (age 4), and our ginger cat, Armstrong. When I’m not writing you can find me gardening (read: trying to keep plants alive, with occasional success), reading, sewing, and trying new recipes on unsuspecting dinner guests.

I started writing JULES AND THE DJINNI MASTER inspired by author Anne Lamott’s exhortation to “Write what you would love to come upon.” Classic fantasy and adventure stories have always delighted me, and I wrote JULES with them in mind. I signed with Cooke after pitching JULES at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference. I write freelance articles about travel, human interest, and food. I'm currently working on the second novel in the JULES series. 

 I blog with a group of fantastic Middle Grade writers over at Project Mayhem, and you should definitely check out their witty, insightful, hilarious posts about all things Middle Grade and writing. I also co-founded, co-edit, and contribute monthly with a group of thoughtful women writers about life, home, relationships, and food at the online literary magazine Kindred