Hold your breath, close your eyes, press your hands against the sparkling stone, and enter a magical world where animals talk, stars can be read like books, and djinn rule with ruthless power.

Jules Manning has always wanted to go on adventures like his globe-traveling archaeologist guardian, Grandpa Gordon. Viola Davidson dreams of entering the fantasy worlds she only reads about in books. But Jules has been waiting all summer to go with Gordon on his first dig and Viola is just trying survive the cruelties of boarding school. Everything is about to change, though, when Gordon doesn't come back from his latest trip and a strange black bird arrives at Ingress Eaves instead. It leads Jules and Viola to clues that will take them through ciphers and ancient legends to uncover a portal to another world. There Jules finds not only the adventure he's always longed for, talking beasts, smuggler's caves, terrifying djinn, and real magic, but also a destiny that's been kept secret from him all his life…if he can save Grandpa Gordon first.

Drawing on Near East mythologies about djinn and legends of King Solomon, JULES AND THE DJINNI MASTER is an adventurous Middle-Grade fantasy for readers who enjoyed THE BARTIMAEUS TRILOGY, THE GOLDEN COMPASS, and GREENGLASS HOUSE.